I've had diplopia, or double vision, all of my life. It's there whether I'm wearing glasses, contacts, or nothing at all. My childhood optometrist said it's because of the extreme difference in vision between my 2 eyes - that my brain can't converge the 2 images because one eye sees so much better than the other. I'm told surgery can't correct it since I don't have a crossed-eye. During my last couple of years of college, I started doing artwork that reflected the double vision. This blog is a brief summary of those 2 years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vision Exercises

Originally written November 2007.
The vision therapist had me hold a pencil out in front of me and slowly bring it towards my nose. I brought it towards my right eye instead. She pointed this out to me and had me do it again. I concentrated hard to bring it to my nose, but I brought the pencil towards my left eye this time. I don't know where the center of my face is! So now I've noticed anytime I think my face is centered with something (and I'm looking directly at it), my head is really turned slightly to the left so that I'm looking directly at it only with my right eye.
This is my sister wearing a pair of prism glasses from Vision Therapy.

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