I've had diplopia, or double vision, all of my life. It's there whether I'm wearing glasses, contacts, or nothing at all. My childhood optometrist said it's because of the extreme difference in vision between my 2 eyes - that my brain can't converge the 2 images because one eye sees so much better than the other. I'm told surgery can't correct it since I don't have a crossed-eye. During my last couple of years of college, I started doing artwork that reflected the double vision. This blog is a brief summary of those 2 years.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Seen Double for 23 Years

This blog originally began as an assignment for Senior Drawing class in college. I had decided to spend the semester drawing what I see (double) and was required to keep a blog about my progress. I began vision therapy around the same time, which brought up a lot of suppressed emotions. I won't say art was my therapy in working through those emotions, but the vision exercises worked alongside my art to help me understand my "disability."
The majority of this blog will be pieces I have cut from the old blog. You get all of the good stuff without the boring "class talk" that had to be included.

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