I've had diplopia, or double vision, all of my life. It's there whether I'm wearing glasses, contacts, or nothing at all. My childhood optometrist said it's because of the extreme difference in vision between my 2 eyes - that my brain can't converge the 2 images because one eye sees so much better than the other. I'm told surgery can't correct it since I don't have a crossed-eye. During my last couple of years of college, I started doing artwork that reflected the double vision. This blog is a brief summary of those 2 years.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Updates as of 2012

I visited a neurologist a couple of years ago, and he diagnosed me with silent migraines. Like my previous post described, it's migraines without the pain. If I'm going to have migraines, I'm so very thankful there's at least no pain. I've seen my stepdad in the floor from the pain, and it breaks my heart.

I stopped vision therapy, and I still see double. It was more money than I had to spend on a quickly fading hope. The therapist expected to be able to bring the 2 images together horizontally but said bringing them vertically together would be the problem. One image would likely still be higher than the other. But double is double, even if they are lined up horizontally. I didn't see the point of the money, time, and effort if one would be higher than the other.

I'm good with driving at night now (so you don't have to worry if you're on the roads when I am!), but if it's pouring rain or dark roads that I'm unfamiliar with, I'll often hand the driver's seat over to my husband for the sake of my own comfort.

I haven't completed a double painting or drawing since I graduated college. I've begun a couple, but life just seems to get in the way now. It's still in my mind often, and I know the desire and drive are there. But with a home to take of, church, and work, where's the time? And the space? Someday. When I get around to it...